Overview of Trading

As part of our commitment to provide services to the industry in the oil & Gas, petrochemical, Industrial utilities, logistics and other sector. Al-Otaishan Trading Company was launched with an ambitious vision to offer integrated services to the group's clients. With the growing need for trade and the importation of up-to-date products that meet the needs of the Saudi market, Today, it has become one of the largest leading companies in trading and distribution of high-precision industrial and specialized products in the Kingdom, in addition to a travel and tourism agency. Throughout our journey, Al-Otaishan Trading Company has obtained numerous certificates and awards, as well in promoting localize product, which we gathered good score remarks in IKTVA, NUSANED and LCPGA (local content & government procurement authority). This commitment is our offer to provide new ideas, technology and support the industrial needs in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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International Agencies

Al-Otaishan Trading Company has established many international partnerships with the aim of supplying high-quality industrial materials and benefiting from global experiences locally. Al-Otaishan Trading integrates with Al-Otaishan Contracting to supply and install products, which helps the customer obtain a comprehensive package of services without any gaps between installation and supply. This ensures our customers receive high-quality products in various heavy industries. Some of the notable partnerships we have include:

Al-Otaishan Trading Company is the authorized distributor of RHI Magnesita products, which it supplies a range of heat-resistant materials, including refractory linings, special bricks, and other needs for oil, gas, petrochemicals, and chemical industries.

Product line:

  • Refractory Castable.
  • Comprit A94G
  • Comprit A95 RF
  • Comprit F42
  • Compac Sol M64
  • Legrit 135, 1,3
  • Legrit 135, 3S
  • Legrit 144,O 9L
  • All type of Refractory Bricks

Al-Otaishan Trading Company is representing the SILICON as an exclusive agent in Saudi Arabia to sale and distribute the Refractory Anchoring Solutions as well as to provide the application services. SILICON Refractory Anchoring Systems B.V. is the full-service partner for Total Refractory Anchoring Solutions, based in the Netherlands, with 40+ years of expertise in the metallurgic industry. The SILICON engineer, manufacture and install innovative total refractory anchoring solutions for Refineries, FCC, Petrochemical, Cement, Steel, Power, Fertilizers, Incineration, Shipbuilding industries and much more. The innovative and efficient solutions will reduce not only the time and cost of your current turnarounds but also of your future ones by providing anchors that are life long lasting (Removing future welding work/Cost).

In addition, the SILICON’s patented computerized stud welding technology – known as Rapid Arc Welding is recognized worldwide to revolutionize stud welding because of superior and consistent high-quality welds, excellent safety record and ease of operation.


Product Line

  • Refractory-Anchors
  • Rapid-Arc-Welding
  • Brick Linings (Serie B)
  • Concrete Linings (Series C)
  • Dual Linings (Series D)
  • Ceramic Fiber Linings (Series F)
  • Metallic Fibers
  • Welding Services

Al-Otaishan Trading Company is the authorized representative of one of the leading companies in the world of ceramic fiber manufacturing and a pioneer in the manufacture of a wide range of heat and electric insulation materials. Al-Otaishan is the authorized agent for this distinguished brand in the Kingdom, which offers many products, including insulating materials such as linings, units, fabrics, liquid materials, etc. made of alumina fibers, ceramic fibers, rock wool.

Al-Otaishan Trading is the authorized representative of Knauf Insulation/Urbanscape in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to sell and distribute green solutions and systems, in addition to providing installation services. Its most prominent products are green wall and ceiling systems, garden and landscaping systems.

Product line:

  • Green roof system
  • Detention green roof
  • Landscaping system
  • Green wall
  • Green designs
  • Safety systems

Al-Otaishan Trading Company is the authorized representative of Elpro Technologies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Support all industries with secure wireless industrial communications and control system, including water and sewerage systems, oil and gas, mining, environment, electrical facilities, industrial automation, and irrigation.

Al-Otaishan represents the brand authorized distributor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is a trademark for many types of advanced and reliable lead-acid and lead batteries with over 45 different specifications.

Al-Otaishan Trading Company is the authorized representative for the brand exclusive agency in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which provides professional and high-quality tires for all types of heavy-duty vehicles, including TBR, TBB, LTR, PCR, UHP, OTR, AGR, industrial tires, and inner tubes.

We provide travel and tourism services to customers, working to meet their needs and desires in travel and enjoying unique tourist experiences. An IATA Certificated agency provides integrated solutions in the field of travel and tourism, organizing tourist trips, reservations, travel insurance, and providing all necessary tourism supplies. The agency is characterized by a team of experienced and highly efficient employees, working to provide its services with high efficiency and professionalism, while committing to the highest standards of quality, safety, and security. The agency's services include organizing tourist trips within and outside the country, flight and hotel reservations, travel insurance, arranging religious trips such as Hajj and Umrah, as well as providing car rental, translation, and linguistic support services for customers.