Al-Otaishan Subsidiary Companies

Etalah Property Services

Overview of Etalah Property Services

Etalah Property Services is a company specializing in providing maintenance and property management services to clients. It was established in 2022. These companies aim to preserve the value of properties and ensure their efficient operation and long-term sustainability. The company covers various important aspects such as regular and emergency maintenance of facilities and devices within the property, general maintenance management, and necessary repairs. The company also manages cleaning and general hygiene operations for buildings and outdoor spaces, including gardens and landscapes. Additionally, property management services are provided, encompassing all aspects of property management such as residential or commercial unit leasing, rent collection, contract management, and financial settlements. The company also handles tenant issues and provides excellent customer service to ensure customer satisfaction and property preservation. Itala Property Services is an experienced partner for property owners, as the team possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain and operate properties efficiently. With our integrated services, we assist our clients in achieving optimal returns from their real estate investments and reducing maintenance and management costs.

Our services include
  • Property maintenance
  • Asset management
  • Contract management
  • Property operations
  • Building and green area cleaning